My top 10 must have baby items for new Mommies.

So I get asked quite a lot what are my must have baby items and as a second time mommy I feel as though this time around I have more knowledge and can make better recommendations to new Mommies. When I was pregnant with Declan I wanted anything and everything baby related and I ended up spending way too much money on unnecessary items ( sorry husband), so these recommendations are what I felt helped me get through those first few months as a new mommy.

1. Baby Carrier
I find babywearing a great way to carry baby around the house while you have things to do, and another little human to look after. Also great for outings when the pram is too big and bulky. They are also amazing to help calm and soothe a fussy baby. We have both the Noonoo pie wrap and the Ubuntu baba carrier. The Noonoo Pie stretchy wraps are amazing when they are still super tiny and the Ubuntu baba carrier gives more support when they get bigger. Best thing is , they come with sleepy baby dust!

2. Bouncy chair/ Baby swing
We have both the Ingenuity sway swing and the Tiny love 3 in 1 rocker. Sometimes Mommy really needs a 5 minute break to drink some cold coffee and quickly eat something and I cant recommend have one(or both) of these enough. I like the Tiny love rocker because you can move it from room to room in the house and it grows with baby having different adjustable levels. The Ingenuity swing is also great for when baby takes a short nap or when we have dinner and they can hang out in the swing.

3. Playmat
You really don’t need to buy a very expensive one just make sure it’s colorful and has interesting things that baby can look at. We have one from Bright starts that we got when Declan was a few weeks old and we are using it again with Leah. It’s great for Tummy time!

4. Digital ear thermometer
We only got a digital thermometer when Declan was about a month old. I could never get accurate readings with the traditional thermometers so I decided to invest in a digital one. The in ear thermometer from Braunn gives you a reading in 2 seconds!

5. Electronic breastpump
If you are planning to breastfeed you might want to look at purchasing a decent electronic breastpump. Breast pumps are great to have on hand , especially if you would like to express some milk for Daddy to feed baby or when you go back to work and have to express during the day. I am a huge Medela fan so I can highly recommend the Medela swing. Their nipple cream and breast pads are also amazing.

6. NoseFrieda
The Nosefrieda is quite simply amazing! It works wonders when baby is congested. It’s so gross but very satisfying to suck out all that snot and mucous. ( the things we do as parents hey! )

7. Zip-up sleepsuits
So everyone that knows me knows that I love dressing my children in cute outfits but those first few months all you want are clothes that are easy to get on and off. I love the zip up sleepsuits from Cotton on Kids and Woolworths. Total life savers for the middle of the night nappy changes when you are so tired and can’t keep your eyes open! They also get my husband’s stamp of approval as he says it’s uncomplicated.

8. Snuza breathing monitor/ Angelcare sound and movement monitor
I have a huge fear of SIDS and both these items has been so amazing at giving me some assurance when baby is sleeping in their cot/co-sleeper. The Snuza is a clip on monitor that monitors baby’s breathing and sounds an alarm when no breathing/movement is detected.

9. Muslin blankets
You quite simply can’t have enough of these. They are one of my favorite baby items because they can be used for so many different things. Burp cloths, a blanket, pram cover, breastfeeding cover and a swaddle blanket. You also don’t need to buy the super expensive ones. I found my favorite ones from the baby section in Checkers Hyper. They are super soft and big and washes great.

10. Sprogipad baby bath cushion from Simply child
I always had major anxiety when it was bath time but with this baby Bath Cushion, you can safely and comfortably float your little one so that your hands are free to wash them. This really does make bath time a relaxing time in our household.

So there you have it! What are your must have items? I will be sure to share my favorite products for babies from 4-12 months.

Till next time!

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